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How You Can Improve Your Remote Workforce

The world is a changing place. Technology has reached the point where is possible for businesses to dispense completely with the office and run with a completely remote workforce.

Not only will a remote workforce save you money, but it will allow you to hire the best workers; wherever they may live. In addition to this, your work from home team will be productive. They can work to their own rules, and this can be a good thing in terms of both creativity and motivation.

There are some areas that may be a cause for concern. These would be communication, collaboration, and security. Here’s how you can improve your remote workforce.

Improving Your Home Network and Security

Security should be your biggest concern when creating a remote workforce. Your employee’s home networks will not have the best security in place. If you’re passing sensitive and valuable company data through your employee’s devices, this data will be at risk.

Use a virtual private network to give your employee’s home networks an extra layer of protection.

In addition to this, you should look at hiring a managed service provider. By outsourcing your IT security needs to a managed service provider you will get 24/7 monitoring of your systems. In addition to this, you’ll also get help creating disaster recovery plans and IT support when you need it.

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Communicating With Your Team and Encouraging Collaboration

With your team located in a variety of different places, it becomes a challenge to communicate effectively. But with your employees situated elsewhere, communication is vital.

Communication is often more natural when working closer together, so much so, that it is easy to take this for granted. So, when working remotely it is essential to create a strategy for communicating effectively.

One thing that will help is if you hold regular phone and video conference meetings. Try and include as many people in the meetings as possible. A meeting is not only a good opportunity for you to measure your teams understanding of what you’re asking of them, but it is also a great chance to connect.

Isolation is a very real problem when working from home, and you have a duty of care to check in with your team to make sure that they are coping okay. These meetings are an opportunity to do this.

In addition to the use of video conferencing software, think about getting all of your team to use messaging apps such as Slack.

Having a professional slack channel will allow your team the chance to message each other quickly. The app encourages collaboration as it is very simple to use. Because of the efficient nature of the app, your team will be able to have conversations that spark creativity. You can also have several different chats running at once meaning you can engage on several topics at any one time.

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