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4 Tech Tools to Help Employees That Are Working From Home

So many businesses are having to change their operations so their employees can work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s likely that a lot of businesses will continue the practice in the future. There are actually a lot of benefits to remote work because it saves you money and your employees may be more productive.

However, it only works if you support your employees when they are working from home. Providing them with the right tools is a huge part of that and it’s important that you invest in the right technology. These are some of the best tech tools to help your employees while they are working from home.

Cloud Storage

Access to information is vital when employees are working from home. If they do not have easy access to all of the documents that they need, they will waste a lot of time emailing things back and forward, and collaborating on projects is almost impossible. But if you contact an IT support company and get their advice on implementing cloud storage, it will make life a lot easier for everybody. It’s simple for everybody to access whatever they need, and cloud storage is a lot more secure and cheaper for you, so it’s a good upgrade to make regardless of whether employees are working from home or not.

Project Management Tools

Collaborating on projects is a lot more difficult when everybody is separated, but project management tools can help to improve the situation in a big way. You can use these tools to manage and track different tasks and set deadlines so you have a clear idea of how the project is progressing. This will help to cut back on pointless meetings all of the time and make sure that everybody is up to date and has a clear idea of what they should be working on.

Video Conferencing

Project management tools are great for improving communication, but it’s also important that you hold meetings so everybody can stay in touch. This not only allows you to update everybody and deal with any issues, but it also helps to boost morale. Software like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype serve as a good replacement for face to face meetings and help to keep everybody in touch. Just make sure that you are taking all of the right security measures to protect your business.

Live Chat

There is already a big problem with email overload in business, and that is only likely to get worse. The problem is, if you have a quick question and you email somebody, they have to go through the hundreds of emails in their inbox before you get a reply, so everything slows down. But with live chat software, your employees can easily message one another and get instant responses. It’s a much easier way to stay in touch than using email all of the time, and you can use free services like Google Hangouts or Skype.

If you want your employees to be effective while they are at home, it’s important that you invest in these tech tools.

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