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Looking for a Second-Hand Coach? Consider the Irizar PB

If you’re looking for a second-hand coach to get your business off the ground, consider the Irizar PB.

The Irizar PB has won a wealth of awards, received various international recognitions, and an abundance of appraisal from specialised industry magazines. This makes it a great choice. Combine this with some clever purchases for efficient operations at your business, such as a GPI pump, and you can get your company off to a winning start.

The Irizar PB is easily distinguishable from other coaches, including the rest of the Irizar range. This iconic coach has a strong and undeniable presence, which is based on solid shapes, character and an attractive design.

Other key attributes include fluidity, robustness, and movement, as well as the characters that have become connected with the Irizar name – safety, security, durability, and reliability.

Like all other Irizar coaches, the Irizar PB has been designed to maximise profit, which is what every business wants. This has been achieved through optimum weight distribution and aerodynamics, as well as ease of maintenance via maximum accessibility to parts. Irizar also guarantees maximum resale value and coverage.

The strong and stunning exterior of this coach will not only impress you, but the interior design is also impeccable. Passengers and the driver alike will experience maximum comfort, with the Irizar PB being designed with an eye on every little detail – from the entrance, to the seat weight distribution, to the colour selection. The wide entrance of the coach ensures great accessibility, whilst there is ample space inside as well.

The Irizar PB’s design is centred on comfort, with harmonious colours, rounded shapes and relaxing spaces. This gives passengers the perfect environment for a tranquil journey, whereby they can unwind and separate themselves from what is going on outside of the coach. If that wasn’t enough, comfort is further enhanced by the independent climate systems, which allow the passengers and the driver to create the ideal atmosphere for them.

Reliability and safety are two areas where the Irizar PB truly excels. Improved visibility and easier driving are assured with this coach. The driver will benefit from an ergonomic and spacious driving position. Moreover, they have an independent climate system and easily accessible controls. Other features include exclusively designed rear-view mirrors that comply with all European standards, as well as front and rear LED lighting technology with daytime headlamps.

This is one of the most robust coaches on the market today. The structure of the Irizar PB has been designed with the vehicle’s resistance to rollovers and frontal collisions taken into consideration. Moreover, the coach offers optimum load and weight distribution, and the torsional rigidity and strength of design have been improved. The high safety of this vehicle is perfectly exemplified by the fact that it complies with the future R66.01 safety regulations.

This is a beautifully designed coach, which is fully equipped and reaches optimum levels of functionality, to make sure travel is a pleasure each and every day. This luxurious coach has a proven track record. You know what you are getting with the Irizar PB – a vehicle with an impeccable name for high-end travel, comfort, reliability, and safety.

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