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The Key to Investing in 2018

Investing offers a better way for anyone to achieve their long-term financial goals. However, it is not an easy task since there are a lot of risks involved. For you to succeed in investing, you must control the risks involved without while considering that you must obtain some reasonable returns. With the help of investment strategies and plans, an investor can manage their portfolio effectively and stay long in business. Here is a list of some of the key investment strategies you can employ in 2018.

Investing in Dividends

Stocks that pay dividends gives the investor an opportunity to receive consistent payments. The investor also has the option of reinvesting the dividends in buying additional stock shares. Most of the dividend-paying stocks come are associated with financially stable and fully-grown companies, their stock prices are usually expected to consistently increase over a prolonged period. During this time, the shareholders/investors benefit from the periodic dividend payments. Additionally, the well-established companies regularly raise the dividends over time, making it even better for the investor.

Investing in Options

An option is basically a contract that provides the buyer with the right, without the responsibility, to buy or sell a concealed financial asset or a security at a certain price before or on a specified date. Some options traders use it to speculate risky practices while others it to reduce the risks involved with holding an asset.

The Stock Market ISAs

A lot of people are a bit sceptical about the stock market, but the right investment strategy is key to success in this sector. Investing small amounts of money over a long period works. Over time, this stock investment method will give you a smaller average share price. With the right formula in mind, you can invest in ETFs or mutual funds and shares which stock firms such as Nutmeg or Moneyfarm offer. Investing in the firm would be advantageous especially if you invest through its Moneyfarm ISA that offers tax-free investments on the shares and stocks.


This form of investment provides an easy way to manage risks by making a wide range of investments in a single portfolio. The logic behind this technique holds that a portfolio that is composed of a variety of investments will on average have a lower risk and yield higher returns as opposed to an individual investment in the portfolio. Diversification works by smoothing out unsystematic risk events in the portfolio, therefore, allowing investments with positive performance to neutralize the poor performance of others. Apparently, diversification works only if portfolio securities are not perfectly correlated. Find out more here.

International Investments

Experts say global diversification through the UK, US, the EU and other growing markets like the one in index funds based on the all-country world index is a wise idea. This is because it exposes the investor to over 99% of the world`s public market capitalization. Global economies are generally expected to keep on doing well as most parts of the world are growing fast.