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Silver Is A Golden Investment Opportunity

Silver is a great investment opportunity, and if you want to invest in the real deal, silver bullion is one of the most popular options for small investors. All of the benefits of gold can be had in silver, but you can buy real bars and coins for a fraction of the price. Silver is a more accessible precious metal than gold and it comes with many of the same perks offered by other precious metals, such as protection from inflation and a hedge against stocks. But silver is a special investment opportunity; experts predict that after years of undervaluation, there are a lot of reasons silver looks poised to pop.

What makes investing in silver such a golden opportunity today? In 2017, silver bullion experienced a correction after a sudden increase following the UK’s surprising Brexit vote. Gold and silver bullion almost always experience a bump in price following unexpected geopolitical events, and secessionist movements or changes to economic pacts tend to negatively impact stocks and currencies, driving investors toward silver and gold bullion. The short-term correction appears to have bottomed out in July 2017 at $15 USD per ounce of silver. The long-term outlook for silver prices is decidedly bullish, making any correction a great time to invest in silver. There are plenty of good reasons for investing in silver bullion, but the long-term potential of silver prices is definitely the most rewarding for investors.

The undervaluation of silver is one of the main reasons investors expect to make a lot of money from silver. For thousands of years, when wealth was primarily stored in gold and silver bullion, 1 oz. of gold was roughly worth 16 oz. of silver. Silver was used as an ancient form of money and generally measured in comparison to gold, and had a remarkably consistent value. Today, silver is widely considered undervalued, with a ratio of about 60:1 with gold. Undervalued stocks and commodities are the bread and butter of value investing, which finds assets that are undervalued compared to their intrinsic worth, and waiting for them to reach their true value.

Industrial demand is another force pushing silver up, and Reuters reports that industrial demand for silver is set to grow in 2018, pushing the price up. Silver is a widely used metal in electronics, medicine, and dozens of other industrial applications, and industry consumes about half of all the silver that’s mined in a year. That’s part of the reason that there’s actually more gold above ground than silver, despite silver being the more common element on Earth.

If you’re ready to invest in a commodity that’s due to trend upward, you can buy silver bullion online from places like Silver Gold Bull. With large inventories of silver and gold bullion, you can buy any amount of silver and in any type. You can find silver coins, silver bars, silver rounds, and gram silver from Silver Gold Bull, all of which can be purchased online and delivered to your door or stored in allocated storage with the dealer. With industrial demand straining available silver resources and keeping in mind silver’s intrinsic value, investors are keen to see a major rise in price soon.