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Launching a Global Business

At some point a business grows large enough to break into a global marker and start expanding there, but the process of launching a global business is far from straightforward, there are dozens of items on the agenda from setting up and installing your machinery locally to rebounding and integrating culturally. Read on to find out more.


For your global business to thrive you need a network. It’s one of the foundations to any company with global ambitions needs. The key to creating a successful network is to identify people and groups with a variety of skill sets in your target areas.

You might think that it’s better to have people with the same or similar skillets but the best networks have diversity. This allows for the influx of new ideas, innovations, and possibilities that will bring out the best in your locally operating business.


One of the most important aspects of launching your business internationally is localisation. This is when you integrate your business practices and brand identity with the local community. A localised brand might look and work differently from primary business.

When you first launch a business in a new place you have the opportunity to test out your brand and practices in smaller markets first. This gives you time to develop practices that work specifically for that location and market.


The process of localisation goes beyond brand identity and business practices, you also have to understand the market you are introducing products to, and how they differ. Based on design from your target market you may need to modify some of your sales and marketing ideas.

Market research is key, so too is making sure the tools and machinery used in your business meet the standards of the locale area, and use a global 3rd party inspection service to oversee the integration. Before arriving, prepare the ground with data acquired through effective market research.


According to successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, who have opened businesses in countless locations and markets the value of personal relationships in these areas should not be overlooked or underestimated. That’s what you should make use of your air miles in the early days.

It’s a good idea to go to the location of your new business in person and build relationships with partners, investors, affiliates, PR people, marketing people, and others. It makes a difference if your partners and colleagues have a face they are familiar with.


Running a global enterprise can be time consuming and hectic. The bigger your operation is, the more there is that can go wrong; you might find you need to utilize your problem solving abilities more and more  or employ new teams of people to facilitate the smooth operation of the business.

With all of this going on it’s important you don’t forget about the new business is an overseas location. Remember to stay in regular contact with them and visit as much as possible. Attend conferences in the local area and stay open to new orders and insights from local business people.

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