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How to Run a Successful Fundraiser

Unfortunately, not all of us have the funding we might need to apply to projects that we care for. If we did, we might ensure the local homeless and animal shelters are given enough to expand and add more services, or that we can repair the local church after a terrible storm or the theft of lead from the roof. Sometimes, we might need the funding for something essential, such as medical care for one of our relatives.

There is one proven and quite worthwhile option you might choose ahead of time here – and that’s running a fundraiser with the intent of success. Of course, there are many applications of funding, and so many different types of fundraisers. Kickstarter has had its share of successes and notorious failings, such as old video game series coming back to life but also products that were never delivered despite gaining the top tiers of their goal setting.

But how on earth are you supposed to run a successful fundraiser? Let us explore that, together:

Be Clear in Your Messaging

No matter how worthy your cause, it’s essential to show people exactly what their money is going towards. You cannot simply expect people to pay because of your need – it is their hard-earned cash after all, and they might not personally benefit from their donation in any way at all.

This is why being vague is simply not worthwhile. For example, suggesting that you need help to rebuild a Church or pay for medical issues isn’t enough. What issues is your relative experiencing (within respectful reason, of course), and how important are they to you? This might sound exploitative but it’s important for people to know your cause is honest. Just how did the Church get damaged, and what work would you plan to conduct first? When you give objective and measurable reasons and goals for doing what you do, clear messaging can convert more visitors into donors.

Offer Incentives

Of course, your appeal for help with medical bills is hardly something you reward with prizes. But repairing a building? It might be that if you donate a certain amount, personalized engraved bricks could be used to help the construction, perhaps amounting to a ‘donators wall’ to memorialize those who helped this become possible. You’re going to be using this material anyway, and having a name here can be a kind thank you and also worthwhile incentive for people to pay. Thinking along these lines can be very worthwhile, if appropriate to your cause.

Use Social Media

Using social media to spread your message is important. As those who donate to spread your word on Twitter, as well as those in your community, or those you can politely ask to spread your message. Viral trends have been known to help fundraisers out profoundly, so be sure to do that.

With these tips, we’re certain you’ll run a successful fundraiser. Good luck!

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