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Safety Concerns for Your New Home to Address Before Moving In

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2018, the number of emergency hospital visits for unintentional injuries was 24.5 million people. The statistics indicate that accidents in a home are pretty common and a serious concern. When buying a new home, safety should be one of the most important considerations. Here are things to think about when securing your home.

Children’s Safety

The measures put in place will depend on the children’s ages. When you have toddlers in the house, childproofing the home with gates, locks, and baby monitors makes it safer. Older children might not require a lot of safety measures, but it’s essential to monitor their activities in and out of your home.

Older children tend to spend a lot of time online, and the devices can become a security threat exposing them to cyberbullies and predators. It’s also essential to monitor their movements when out of the house and track their activities online. When you want to install safety apps on devices that your children use such as an iPhone, talk to Family Orbit.

The Floors

It’s not only older adults or young children who can fall and injure themselves but anyone can. Injuries resulting from falls at home are a common occurrence. The leading causes are slippery floors, slippery stairs and objects carelessly scattered on the floor, causing one to trip.

To minimize falls, check whether your new home has an appropriate flooring material that is slip-resistant and dries quickly. This is especially important in the bathroom and kitchen area, where spills or wet floors are unavoidable. Once you settle in the house, keep everything neatly stored away, clear pathways and teach the children to keep toys away after use.

The Stairways

Slipping and falling on the stairways can lead to severe injuries, sometimes fatal. To prevent accidents, stabilize the staircases with handrails and have adequate lighting, safety gates and securely affixed flooring. Make sure the staircases are clutter-free-don’t place anything like laundry baskets near the stairs. Ensure installation of non-slippery floor materials and keep them dry at all times.

Security Concerns

Understand the security concerns in the new location and protect your home and valuables by installing security cameras, alarm systems, reinforcing the doors and windows and protecting your Wi-Fi network. Keep your outdoor well-lit to discourage vandals and burglars from coming near the property.

Fires and Leakages

Minor plumbing problems when not attended to can become more severe issues leading to flooding and property damage. When you notice leaks in and around the property, call a plumber to check the plumbing system and take care of the issue. If the plumbing system is old, have it replaced with newer and stronger pipes and other accessories to avoid future problems.

Fires can also cause immeasurable damage or destruction to property, and it’s vital to have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in every room. Also, ensure that appliances are in good working order and any breakages handled on time.

Creating a safe and healthy home environment is a continuous process as your needs change. For instance, if an elderly comes to live with you, reinforce the safety measures by installing grab bars in the bathrooms, non-slippery mats and better lighting on the corridors.

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