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4 Thoughtful Things Your Client Will Appreciate From You

In a “Ask Your Target Market” recent survey, 88% of respondents admitted to continuing to do business with companies that understand customers. Are you a business owner looking for ways to sustain your clients’ interest in your organisation? If yes, then there are things you can do to earn and keep that loyalty, and here are a few of them.

Design an Early-Access Program

The ultimate aim of this strategy is exclusivity. Designing and granting access to a new service or product yet-to-be-launched or made public is a gift your client would appreciate. For instance, several technology giants offer their consumers an opportunity to try out a beta release of a new program. You can try out this strategy with email marketing software such as Constant Contact. With this software, your select clients can receive complete information about your new product. You could go further to deliver some of your new products on a trial basis and request feedback.

Try Out a Referral Bonus or Reward for Recruiting New Customers

With this strategy, you do not have to offer huge bonuses to make an impact. Very often, the great bonus will depend on the size of your referral program. As a business owner or operator, a more structured loyalty program to reward your client could be regularly. If you can, ensure it is not a one-off thing. One effective way to keep it running is to ensure that you spell out rules and guidelines. If your loyalty program runs only online or in-store make it known right from the start. By doing this, you avoid confusing your clients.

Run a Gift Card Program for a Product or Service Purchased

This strategy is the most popular and is run by several businesses around the world. Unique corporate gifts for any occasion is your best bet to get it right all the time. One company which does this right is gThankYou! They have a variety of all-season gift certificates you can order and have them delivered within the shortest possible time. Do you know the story behind gift cards for your customers, clients or employees? Well, in 1994, the Blockbuster video chain decided to introduce a more secure means to replace paper gift certificates. They sought to make the new system fraud-proof. Today, this system runs in countless businesses.

Institute a Free Service in a Challenging Period

When COVID-19 began to take a toll on countries around the world, you may have realised that some companies helped people adjust to the trying times. In assisting customers to adapt to this new reality, Loom, for example, took a crucial business decision not to make profits in a pandemic. Their video software which is also shareable, was made free to all. It helped schools and businesses function remotely. Loom did this by removing a time limit on video recordings and increasing product trial time. Most significantly, students and teachers immensely benefited from paid plans made free by the company. You can do the same by assessing your business to determine how to help the masses in these times. What you do not want is to lose your customers because you failed to adjust to the times.

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