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3 Ways to Prevent Cyber Breaches at the Office

The advent of the digital age has made everything more convenient. You can chat with people all over the world. You can access data and information in seconds. However, such revolutions have also made it easier than ever for malicious third parties to hack into this information and hold it to ransom.

For businesses, this can be catastrophic, so it is vital you do all you can to prevent potential cyber-attacks, and here are three ways to do it.

Train Your Staff

You shouldn’t just train your staff how to do their job; it is also vital that you prepare and teach them how to practice excellent cybersecurity without you or the IT team needing to coddle them. However, this can be tricky, as although many people have grown up using computers, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about how to keep their information safe.

The first place to start is to encourage your staff to change passwords regularly. Ideally, they should use a random string of numbers, but this can be difficult to remember, so you can provide randomly generated passwords and tell them to keep it safe, as well as not using the same password over and over again.

It’s also vital that they recognize suspicious emails and messages, which could be phishing scams. Training days are useful for this, as are online courses.

Invest in Quality Systems

You can’t expect people to protect your data all the time, though, so for those times where the office is empty, and everyone has gone home, services such as CSR Enterprise Networks are crucial for guaranteeing consistent and reliable cybersecurity.

These types of systems will identify and deal with suspicious activity and threats before they become a problem. Setting them up provides peace of mind that data is secure, and gives you one less thing to worry about.

You should also consider firewalls and malware detection, which can alert you to any problems as soon as it recognizes a problem.

Set up Filters

Both email and web filters will prevent any severe problems happening to your servers should your staff open a malicious link or visit the wrong website. While these filters can be frustrating (they often cut out social media and YouTube), it also adds extra security layers for your business, ensuring total protection.

Furthermore, while it can be frustrating and limiting for anyone who needs to use these platforms to get in touch with clients or research information, you can make allowances. However, this should still be done with security in mind.

As for email filters, high-quality services will identify spam or threatening emails as soon as they attempt to land in your staff’s inbox, and this will be dealt with by the filter. However, some may still creep through, so it’s essential to continue to exercise caution.

Safe and Secure

If recent history has taught us anything, it is that no business is safe from a cyber attack no matter how small or large they are. With this in mind, it’s crucial to do everything you can to prevent the risk of security breaches to ensure your reputation and information remains secure.

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