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  • Sep. 23
  • Richard Parker

Tips for Finding More Enthusiasm for Your Work

So, you’re trying to get through a busy project at work, but you are feeling completely devoid of enthusiasm and motivation. What do you do then?

For huge numbers of people, this is unfortunately not a hypothetical situation. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that virtually everyone will experience a serious lack of enthusiasm for their work at least from time to time, or at some point in their lives.

Of course, this isn’t a great situation to be in. Feeling unenthusiastic and unmotivated means that your job is something that you end up having to suffer through, rather than enjoying. Instead of being something that uplifts you, it ends up draining your energy and your sense of well-being.

Here are a few tips that might help you to find more enthusiasm for your work.

Aim to Be Mindfully Engaged With the Process and Not Too Fixated on the Outcome

First things first: if you end up completely fixated on the outcome you’re trying to achieve with your work – such as, for example, the money you are earning or hoping to earn – then the actual process of doing the work is likely to become frustrating and demotivating.

The reason is simple: the work is almost an obstacle, something that you have to get through in order to get the real benefit.

One of the best ways of finding more enthusiasm for your work, is to do your best to be mindfully engaged with the process of the work itself. Try to pay your full attention to it, find things in it that interest you and that you find motivating and even fun.

The more you can do this, the more enthusiastic you are likely to become.

If Your Work Doesn’t Feel Meaningful, Pursue a Passion of Yours – Even Just as a Side Project

If your work simply doesn’t feel meaningful to you, on a fundamental level, it may be a really good idea to pursue a passion of yours instead – even just as a side project.

Even if you still have your day job, spending a bit of time each week working on a side project or side business that you find meaningful can help to give you hope, energy, and enthusiasm that can spill over to your day job too.

Whether you’re going to compare credit options to finance a new startup, or just learn a new skill like coding to start with, following your passion is a very powerful thing to do.

Develop a Bias for Taking Action in Your Professional Life

Developing a bias for taking action in your professional life, rather than spending too much time ruminating or planning, can help you to become more engaged with whatever it is you’re doing, and to feel more energised and enthusiastic as well.

Generally speaking, momentum tends to bring a sense of enthusiasm, capability, and engagement with it.

So, try out different things, take action on different projects and initiatives, and move forward consistently.

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