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3 Top Tips for Selling Your House

There is no shortage of tips online for people looking to buy a house. Anyone who is looking to get their foot on the ladder in terms of real estate is more than catered to, and that’s as it should be. For those on the other end of the deal, though, there is often a dearth of genuinely useful information.

Aside from giving the front of the house a lick of paint to ensure curb appeal, and baking bread in the kitchen to play on people’s senses, there is certainly a gap in knowledge when it comes to selling, and getting the best deal.

Here, then, updated for those of us who have already put the curb appeal and sensory tips into practice, are a few more practical tips which could ensure that when your house goes on the market, you can make a quick and painless sale while maximizing the offers from home buyers.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

2020 was something of a washout when it came to any real buying and selling at a high value, as people were less keen to take any kind of risk in an uncertain market. In 2021, economies are rebounding and people are keen to make up for lost time. House prices are expected to see a decent jump between now and the end of the year, so it’s a good idea to get your home on the market sooner rather than later. Even if you wanted to make some modifications before you put it on the market, reconsider. Most people who are interested in buying are expecting to make modifications themselves.

Research Local Markets to See Who’s Buying

It’s not uncommon to hear that certain areas are “growth markets” when it comes to selling a house, but equally importantly you can learn a lot about who is buying homes in a certain market, and this allows you to tailor things for the best deal. The likes of NHG Home Guru can tell you a lot about which age groups are buying homes in your area, and you can then consider what you want to accentuate about the property. If a lot of young professionals are buying nearby, you can underline the presence and quality of local schools, for example. Always be sure to get as much information as possible ahead of putting a house up for sale.

Have a Succession Plan in Place

The fact that it’s a good time to sell a home means that, of course, it’s not the best time to buy one. That doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, be in the market for a new place, but you should always be a little more advanced on the process of finding a new home than you are on the selling timeline. Buyers can get frustrated and pull the deal if you’re taking too long to vacate, so whether you’re buying or planning to rent for a spell – or even moving back into the family home – make sure that you have things well in order on your side.

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