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Is Technology Changing Real Estate Forever?

Over the past several years, many industries have seen how technology has shaped them. Real estate is just one of them, with homeowners navigating the buying and selling process online. Take a look at real estate websites like Purlin, and you’ll see how and why.

In modern times, realtors use technology and data to help them to assess the value of the homes on their books as well as to find ideal buyers.

Here’s how agents can gain a competitive advantage by staying informed on the latest technological trends that are shaping the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

The opportunities that come alongside AI help agents and brokers to gain a better understanding of the data needed to help their clients to secure a sale.

There are some AI apps that can answer detailed questions about a home such as how many rooms it has and whether or not it has a backyard.

Advanced AI on websites even gives people browsing the option to filter results based on the type of kitchen that comes with the property.  It gives potential buyers an improved process of searching for a home.

Video Tours and Mobile Signing

One benefit of using technology in real estate is the ability to use video technology to conduct tours with potential buyers or renters who are unable to attend an ‘in person’ tour due to being in a different location or travel restrictions preventing them from attending.
The addition of e-sign technology means that some people on the lookout for somewhere to live, particularly in rental properties, without ever having to meet face-to-face in an office. That is only possible for agents who have taken the time to learn about and utilize the technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) to Manage Real Estate

IoT helps real estate professionals to manage their businesses in a much more efficient way. IoT enabled devices not only make homes and the process of selling them much quicker but also makes life significantly easier for the agent-removing some of the leg work. Developments in AI mean that agents are able to work more carefully, eliminating error and analyzing automated data more productively.

Agents are able to use and access the cloud to assess documents, tracking trends in an organised manner. The data that is made available to property managers and agents, helps them to understand the wants and needs of their clients.

The data is then used to help to make decisions about how to improve properties for prospective tenants.

Do use of computer vision technology is hugely beneficial for professionals in real estate. The technology allows them to off organise and manage images in listings, Improving his experience by organising photos by room, automating the process for agents who are looking to streamline their workload and create listings that are clean looking on webpages.

Having a real estate website that is aesthetically pleasing, including high-quality professional images helps to improve the way that visitors consume the content on the page. Having a website that is easy to use and is clutter free encourages visitors to spend more time using them. At the end of the day, consumers want to be able to get what they want easily without having sex too far in order to get it. That goes from anything from they groceries to the roof over their head.

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