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5 Ways Curb Appeal Can Boost Your Property Value

Curb appeal has a lot of power, more than what homeowners realize. Did you know that your property value can drastically increase just by investing in your lawn? Just like the exterior of your house, your lawn plays a huge part in impressions. These impressions are going to heavily reflect you, your household, and the value of your property.

A neglected lawn is going to lead to people, including home buyers, believing that the home needs repairs. Investing in landscaping will not only boost your curb appeal and property value, but also going to help with the overall appearance of the neighborhood (which counts too).  You don’t need to break the bank when transforming your lawn. These ideas will help you out in making your lawn look better and appear more expensive.

Plant Some Trees

You can never go wrong by planting trees. These help to reduce your carbon footprint in the world, they look beautiful, and you can even get a hefty harvest of fruit or nuts from them too. Trees are usually inexpensive and have the power to make an instant transformation. While trees do take a lot of time and even patience for growing, they’re worth it. Of all plants, trees have a sense of longevity, often living past other plants, people, and even houses. Your newly planted tree has the power to withstand the tests of time if taken care of properly.  You may need certain equipment to help out in your landscaping journey such as AKRS Equipment. This will help with quickly getting the job down when it comes to lawn work and even farming.

Add Flowers

This may sound simplistic, but adding some aromatic and colorful plants such as flowers can have a huge impact. Flowers are not only excellent for pollinators such as bees, but they’re so visually appealing too. Flowers can make anybody happy, and they have the power to create an inviting environment. Whether you decide to use seeds or purchase starters, just know that this is a sure-fire way to boost your value.

Add Sprinklers

The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side as long as you have an automatic irrigation system.  These sprinklers will keep your grass and flowers living through even the harshest of winters. Many homebuyers are looking into smart home technology that’s already been implemented into the house. Having an automated sprinkler system is sure to help you out with increasing your house’s property value.

Pick Focal Elements for Each Season

For each season, you’ll want to pick a focal point. Unfortunately, many plants, especially flowers, are only alive for one to two seasons. If you’re in an area that has four seasons, you’ll need to strategically prepare for ways to have your lawn looking visually appealing all year round. This could be having mums for autumn, evergreens for winter, tulips for the spring, and roses in the summer.

Create a Pathway

Having your home appear more saleable is crucial, but that means getting down to the nitty-gritty to perfect it. You’ll want to pay special attention to your pathway. These are the literal stepping stones in getting inside of your house. Is your sidewalk cracked? How about your driveway?  Does the pathway need to be cleaned? This can indicate how well your home is taken care of, so be sure to not overlook this.

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