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The Future Of Real Estate Is Instant Liquidity

Investing in local businesses has always been a great option for junior investors that may not have a lot of capital to

Friends You’ll Need On Your Property Development Journey

You need plenty of smarts, plenty of market savvy, and the ability to do plenty of independent research if you’re going to

What to Do when You’re Ready to Move on Up

Owning your own place is something really special. It’s one of those things, like having a great car and starting a family,

How to Get into Property Flipping

Put simply, property flipping is the art of buying houses on the cheap, doing them up and then selling them on for

How to Use Your Property to Sort Out Your Finances

If you have worked hard enough to build your property portfolio or buy your first home, the last thing you want to

How to Flip a Property (The Easy Way)

Property is one of the best markets for investors: it is usually quite a stable market, you can ride out any dips

The Next Steps For Your Real Estate Investments

There is a huge amount of advice online for people who are looking to make a start in real estate investments. The

Real Estate Investment Options That Aren’t Buy-To-Let

Want to make money from property? Renting a property out to tenants is the most common way to invest in real estate,

From Monopoly Money To Hard Cash: Playing The Real Estate Investment Game

When you hear the word investment, it’s common to conjure up images of property portfolios. Buying houses and apartments is one of

Pros and Cons of Renting a Property

A lot of people are against renting a property because they feel like it is simply throwing money down the drain. However,