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4 Road Trip Tips for a Great Experience

So you’re planning a road trip of a lifetime! You’ve got it all scheduled out; you’re hitting some biking trails close to home, driving all day and night to meet up with some college friends, then putting the pedal to the metal to make it in time to a friend’s wedding across the country two days later. Phew!

You’re plotted a few funky tourist stops in between and you’ve found restaurants and bars near to where you’re staying in each area.

But wait, what are you missing?

Let’s go over some road trip tips to make the most of your road trip experience.


Those long drives can be exhausting…and boring! What started out as excitement can quickly turn to boredom. To combat this, download music, audiobooks, and podcasts before you get into the car. That way you’re not looking at your phone while driving. For some of the best road trip music, try some oldies or nostalgic music you listened to when you were in your teens.


Road trips are notorious for letting you binge on weird gas station food. If you’re trying to eat healthy while hitting the road, plan in advance. Don’t assume that every place you go to will have healthy options, so pack some cut veggies and fruit, bring several gallons of water to be safe, and if you’re craving something salty and crunchy, try out dehydrated vegetables, like in the recipe here.  Don’t want to cook yourself? There’s lots of options in the supermarket now that are healthy and delicious.

Luggage and Space

If you’re accustomed to throwing your bike in the back of your truck, you might not have as much space now with a cooler and suitcase. Get a bike rack installed and easily access your bike whenever you want to hop on. Don’t want to deal with having all your luggage shoved in the back if you’re bringing along some friends for the trip? Install a cargo carrier for even easier access to your things when you arrive at your hotel each night, and no need to take up precious cargo space!  Checks out the options at to see what you could do to save space in your vehicle.

Safety First

Road trips are all about having fun, but to put your mind at ease, also be prepared for any emergencies that might happen. Pack an extra blanket in case you want to pull over and take a nap at a rest area; bring a First Aid kit for any health scares, and carry a road flare with you to alert other drivers in the case of an accident.

These are things that you can easily pack into a backpack, store in the trunk, and have readily available any time that you’re driving. A key note about driving for long periods: if you’re drowsy at all and that third cup of coffee just isn’t helping, pull over. There’s no reason to risk your life by trying to drive just a few more miles. After all, being safe is ultimately what will ensure you get to your destination.

Now, what are you waiting for? Time to hit the open road!

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