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6 Signs Your Office Needs a Tech Upgrade: Is Your Productivity Declining?

Is your productivity on the decline? If so, it might be due to your technology, and isn’t greater productivity the reason you invest in tech in the first place? Granted, new technology costs money, sometimes lots of money, but from time to time things need to be upgraded. But how can you tell when it’s time to do that?

So, what are some of the signs that you need to upgrade your technology? What follows are six of the most common signs, so this will guide you when it’s time to learn more.

Productivity Levels Are Sagging

Often, when business owners and managers believe that productivity is sagging, their first thought is to blame their staff. Unfortunately, this is not entirely the problem. If staff members are having to wait on slow, outdated systems, waiting for things to load, and dealing with computer crashes, their time is probably seriously compromised and hindering their ability to do their jobs. This could even cause them to feel unmotivated. After all, why put 100 percent effort into a system that’s only working at half of its capacity? And when productivity slows down, profits suffer. A technology upgrade could be just what the doctor ordered to improve things.

Abysmal Connection Speeds

As much as many offices depend on the internet, there should be little reason to tolerate slow connection speeds. Further, any business that still uses a dial-up connection when high speed fiber connections are available are seriously behind the curve. This issue alone can negatively affect research, video calls, email, and much more. Fortunately, all it takes is a quick call to an internet service provider to correct this problem with an upgrade that is also likely to be very reasonable in terms of cost.

Frequent Security Attacks

Any business that operates on any kind of network is in danger from hackers. Hackers can find and compromise nearly any weakness that can be found in a network. This includes those that utilize firewalls and other security measures. Any business owner or manager who might have noticed lower scale cyber-attacks should act. In fact, more than 60 percent of all small businesses will experience a cyber-attack, and among those it will cause them to go out of business within six months. This is another case where working with a professional can eliminate the possibility of a lot of problems.

Computer Crashes

Wherever there are computers, there is the possibility that crashes will occur. A computer crash, especially when it involves an entire network, can lead to serious problems for a company, including missed deadlines, and much more. Further, replacing old computers will give a business a competitive edge.

Hardware Outdated

Anytime there is a problem with loading software onto a computer, chances are good that it’s a problem with the hardware. If this is a problem in a business, it’s time to consider upgrading your hardware.

High Energy Bills

Nearly all old computers were not built with energy efficiency in mind. Anytime this is the case, it’s time for a technology upgrade. Not only will you be doing yourself an energy saving favor, but the productivity of you and your staff will probably skyrocket.

There probably isn’t a business owner or manager anywhere who doesn’t wish they and their staff was more productive. Fortunately, with a slightly broader view of the entire technology situation of a business, the causes as well as the solutions might appear quicker than imagined.

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