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5 Surprising Ways to Increase Sales

Among the standard methods to improve business profit are high quality products and attentive customer service. But there are other ways that are perhaps more unexpected. The five surprising suggestions that follow have the potential to improve sales.

Avoid the Hard Sell

Wait, you say, isn’t that counter-intuitive? While it appears that way, if you avoid making a hard sell, then you have the potential to build a long-term relationship with a potential customer.

By engaging with them in a supportive way, you can gain their trust and loyalty. Then, when the time comes for them to buy a product or service like yours, they are likely to remember you as you’ve built a connection.

While you’re not getting a sale that first day, you are building toward a future one. Furthermore, you’re increasing the opportunity for repeat business by simply providing someone with information to help them make an informed decision in the future.

Update Your Business Exterior

If you have a brick and mortar location but are only paying attention to your online store, you’re missing out on valuable sales opportunities. Improving the outside of your business to create a professional appearance can bring more customers your way.

If you notice that foot traffic is down, consider paving the parking lot with a contractor like K&E Flatwork. Whether you own a restaurant, store, or residential building, customers are more likely to go there when they see a concrete lot that is well maintained.

After all, they don’t want to risk damaging their vehicle in a cracked or uneven lot. Furthermore, a pristine parking lot shows that you care about your business and conveys an image of quality to your target audience.

Other parts of the business exterior worth updating to maintain a good reputation are signage, lighting, and painting walls. Also, pressure wash patios and walls to remove dirt quickly and effectively for a clean look.

Use the Phone

The Internet is amazing, yes. There’s no denying that. But don’t forget about the power of the phone call.

The phone is a terrific way to reach out to new leads and to close sales, provided you have the right technique. Plus, it’s a valuable tool for employees who work remotely that’s easily accessible.

So, why is the phone so valuable? Primarily because it provides a human connection that you can’t achieve through an email or web form. It also has many uses, including finding the contact person, following up with a potential client, closing the sale, and answering a customer’s question.

Collaborative Leadership Matters

How are you leading the team? The way you do so can drastically improve (or hinder) sales figures.

If only upper management is talking about how best to improve marketing, change products, and post on social media, then your organization is missing out on a lot of valuable opinions. Every member of your company was hired for what they bring to the table, and they have diverse backgrounds with different insights.

Ask them what they think about how the company operates, whether it be through an in-house email or a survey that you disperse to all employees. Collect the data and use it to better daily activities and drive revenue.

The bonus of taking this collaborative leadership style is that staff will appreciate that you’re asking their opinions. As a collaborative leader, your inclusive approach helps each member of your team feel like they matter and shows you care, which can help improve employee retention, not to mention boosting worker satisfaction levels.

Change When You Send Emails

When you send an email is as important as what the message says, if not more important. After all, if you send it at a time when you’re likely to get a low click-through on it from an Inbox then no one will even know what it says inside.

Did you know that more emails are opened in the afternoon rather than in the morning in the UK? Specifically, between 4-5 pm rather than before noon.

Being Flexible as a Business

Rather than only focusing on the expected things in business to increase sales, think outside the box by integrating the approaches described above. Doing so can have a big impact on annual revenue.

Just be sure to monitor the figures quarterly as customer expectations and preferences can change with time. For your business to sell the most product or service, it must keep up with what your target audience is looking for and understand how to meet it effectively.

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