Investing 101: The Dealings of CFOs like Goldman, Gennady Barsky

Juggling multiple roles, and managing professional relationship with shareholders, analysts, bankers and ratings agencies, are enough to make anyone buckle under pressure, including seasoned CFOs. For people who have just climbed the corporate ladder and assumed the new role of a CFO, these demands can be intimidating, if not terrifying.

Pros and Cons of Renting a Property

A lot of people are against renting a property because they feel like it is simply throwing money down the drain. However, there are others who have no choice but to rent a flat or house. But, is renting really that bad? As is the case with most things in life, there are pros and…

Making Massive Money From A Much-Needed Move

You are lucky enough to have landed yourself on the property ladder before it became impossible. You defied all of the odds, got your head down and worked incredibly hard to save enough money to buy your property.

How The Best Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

If you feel that your company has reached its peak then it’s time to revisit the business plan. Any business that wants to remain successful needs to constantly evolve. Otherwise, sales will start to decline once you reach the other side of that peak.

Could Ranching Be The Key To Your Financial Freedom?

In the majority of cases, financial freedom means leaving the daily grind. If you’re doing the 9-5, you’re trapped to staple salaries and monthly paydays. It’s hardly a way of life which anyone would consider as freedom.

Why You Should Get Into Investment Early

The idea of investing is seen by many people as something restricted to old guys in suits waving paper at screens shouting BUY BUY BUY or SELL SELL SELL. However, despite this image that most people have, investing is so much more than that.

5 Services That Can Streamline Your Business Activity

In business, you’re always going to want your operations to run as smoothly as possible. Because no business owner wants to experience problems anywhere along the line. Although you may feel like it’s too much to ask to have things going incredibly well all of the time, you may actually be able to get some…

Are You Making The Best Of Yourself?

Many people feel that the world is made out of objects and tools. This is true to a degree. However, thinking everything around you is simply matter is not how you act. You act as if you inhabit a world full of potential. This is why when someone tells you ‘you’re not living up to…

Digital Nomad Tips For Those Who Want To Live On The Go

Have you always dreamed of quitting your day job and traveling around the world? It’s something that I’m sure most of us have imagined at one point or another – probably while you are sitting at your desk on a glum Friday afternoon waiting for the clock to hit 5 pm! What was the main…

Key Tips On Drawing Up A Legal Business Contract

Business environments are filled with agreements between corporations, businesses or individuals. Oral contracts are not binding. However, a written contract is always used. A contract is one of the most important documents you will encounter when you start a business. Every transaction or deal you enter, you make a contract to document the agreement.